Don't just learn a new language, use it daily on WhatsApp

Don't just learn a new language, use it daily on WhatsApp

Parlai is a WhatsApp Bot you can practice languages with

Testimonial 01

"The current features are already better than any other ai language learning app I've seen"

Testimonial 02

"I love the tool! I am chatting more with Parlai than with real people. It is such a great way to spend time"

Testimonial 03

"It is probably even better to practice with Parlai than with a real person, as Parlai always explains your mistakes"

A new way to practice languages

Conversations that feel surprisingly human

No more fake conversations. Experience a natural conversation flow by receiving spontaneous messages, or sending and receiving voice messages. Parlai will always remember and adapt to you.

Practice and become fluent effortlessly

We have really cool features in store for you

Who did this?

We are Juan 🇨🇴 and Nina 🇦🇹

We are polyglots and very passionate about products.
When we met (a few months ago) we realized we were both aiming at expanding the frontier of language learning.

So we decided to join forces and here we are 😊
Testimonial 01

"Exploring Parlai was an amazing experience, with its engaging design and functionality enhancing language learning and making it effective"

Testimonial 02

"WOW, Nina, I love it, especially the feature of receiving audio and spontaneous messages; it's really easy to use and useful."

Testimonial 03

"I'm amazed with this app; receiving a random text from Whatsapp asking about my day was such a cool feature for random learning—I love this!"


Explain Parlai like I'm 5

Parlai is like a foreign friend you can practices languages with, except it's controlled by AI, not the government. Ok. Scratch the last part.

How do I use it?

Simple! You text with Parlai just like you do with any other contact in WhatsApp. You can start the conversation or let Parlai do it spontaneously. Just like with a real friend.

How does it work?


No, really. How does it work?

Parlai uses LLM's like ChatGPT to reply to your messages. All we do is provide a wrapper around it to improve your experience.

How about my privacy?

We're obviously selling all your data. Just kidding. We'd never do that. We're not Facebook. See our privacy policy below, we wrote it ourselves.

When will it be ready?

Parlai is already publicly available. The question is, are you ready?

Is Parlai suitable for beginners?

Parlai is best suited for those who already know the basics of a language. Having said that, it can be used by anyone.

What languages will Parlai support?

We support German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Swedish, Finnish, Czech, Romanian. If you want to see another language supported, let us know :)

Can I have a call with Parlai?

This feature is not available in WhatsApp yet. Nevertheless, calls are important to achieve fluency, so we definitely plan to add calls in the future.

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